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Showing Her How
By Katy Terrega

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“So what’s it like?” I asked my friend Tia, “you know, doing it with a guy?”

“Well, gosh,” she said, shoving a big handful of popcorn into her mouth, “it’s kind of hard to explain.” Then she grinned. “But I could show you.”

“Huh?” I asked, not understanding, “what do you mean?”

Then I looked up and she was holding out this big, fat dildo. That’s when I turned all red.

“C’mon,” she said, moving real close. “It feels real good.” The dildo rubbed against my arm and I got goosebumps. “I could do you first, then you could do me,” she said and then, well, all the sudden she was kissing me.

I wanted to stop her - I mean, I’ve never kissed a girl before! – but, well, her tongue was all soft and she tasted all popcorny and it felt so good. And then she was rubbing that dildo on my tits through my shirt and that felt even better. I didn’t have the heart to stop her then and I guess she knew that. “I’ll be the guy first,” she said, pushing me back on the bed. “You take off all your clothes.

I took off my shirt and bra first, then my pants and my panties, feeling kind of embarrassed, what with her looking at me like she was.

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“What about you?” I asked, “are you supposed to be naked, too?”

Tia shrugged and got all undressed, too, then she crawled on top of me.

“First,” she said, “he lays on top of you like this.” Her body draped across mine and I could feel her tits, warm and squishy, pressing against my own. “Then you kiss like this.”

This time, her tongue pressed into my mouth and her tongue felt really soft. Pretty soon I felt her fingers squeezing on my titties, pinching my little nips, making them all tingly.

“Sometimes,” she said, breaking the kiss and moving lower, “he’ll kiss your titties, too.” With that she lowered her mouth to my little nubbin and sucked it right into her mouth. I got goosebumps again only this time they were tingling, too, all over my body.

“And sometimes,” she whispered, giving my swollen nip another lick, “he’ll even suck your pussy, too.”

Oh my gosh, I couldn’t believe she’d actually do that! But sure enough, all the sudden she stuck her face right down between my legs and I gasped as she started to lick at my little mound. First her tongue tickled my little clitty, then it went poking down to my slit and then she shoved it straight up my pussy! As nasty as that was, I couldn’t help it, I liked it a lot. Especially when she moved back up to my clit again, flicking it back and forth with her tongue.

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But then all the sudden she stopped and got on top of me again.

“Then he kisses you again,” she whispered, “like this.” She brought her pussy flavored lips to mine and at first I was grossed out but then it felt so good that I didn’t mind. I could feel the dildo poking around at my hole, too, but I didn’t mind that, either.

“He rubs on you really hard with his body,” she said, kind of out of breath now as she squished herself against me. I could feel her pussy against my thigh, slick with juice, like mine.

“And then,” she said, really out of breath now, “if you’re ready, he puts it in.” I felt the smooth tip of the dildo press against my hole. Tia moved then, so that her pussy was pressing against mine and I could feel her little clitty on mine as she started to slide the big thing in.

“Oh!” I said, as I felt it filling up my pussy.

“Open your legs wider,” Tia ordered, “it feels better that way.” I did, and it did, too, and pretty soon she’d shoved it up there just as far as it could go.

“Then he starts to fuck you,” said Tia and she was kind of moaning now as she pulled the fat dildo out. “Like this,” she whispered, shoving it back in deep. My pussy clenched hard around the fat shaft as she plunged it in and my clitty quivered as she pressed down even harder on me.

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She pulled the big thing out and shoved it back in again, and again, as her body began to move on top of mine with a rhythmic motion. The bedsprings squeaked as the dildo, slick with my juice, slid easily in and out and my clitty began to swell as she moved on top of me.

“Then he does it faster,” she said, her voice hoarse. She began to pump the dildo more fiercely now, as her hips moved faster, rubbing my clitty with every thrust. She was moaning now, and so was I, as the fat tool probed inside of me. All of a sudden I felt my belly clench and my clitty got rock hard. I rubbed myself up against her and bit my lip to keep from screaming as I came, my pussy clenching even harder around the dildo.

“Yes,” breathed Tia, as she slammed the dildo into me. She groaned. “And then he comes,” she said, her voice all strangled, thrusting the dildo deep and pressing her sopping wet pussy hard on mine. She kept fucking me with the fat dildo as she writhed on top of me, her pussy leaking juice onto mine as she came hard. “Yes!” she said again as she ground down on me, until finally her movements stilled and her eyes opened.

“See,” she said, still a little breathless, “see why I couldn’t explain it?” I just nodded, my clitty still quivering.

“Now it’s your turn to be the guy,” she said, and laid down on the bed with her legs spread and her pussy wide open.

“Okay,” I said, giggling, and I did it to her just like she’d done to me.

So now I know just what it feels like to have sex. Tia says it’s better when you do it for real, but I don’t believe her. I like it the way we do best of all.

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Showing Her How
Published by KT Enterprises
Copyright 2006 Katy Terrega – All Rights Reserved
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