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Learning To Suck
By Katy Terrega

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My best girlfriend Tina is a total slut. I know that sounds kind of harsh, but she’s fucked six guys and she’s not even nineteen yet! Not me, though. I just turned eighteen, and I plan on staying a virgin till, well, at least till I fall in love. Tina thinks I’m nuts, she says sex is really cool and that I’m missing out on a lot. And actually, I think I was, at least until she taught me how to give a blowjob.

See, I’d had a coupla boyfriends but they never lasted long and I couldn’t figure it out. Then I asked Tina.

“God, girl!” she said, all shocked-like, “you gotta give ‘em something if you want ‘em to stick around!”

When I didn’t understand, she looked at me like I was stupid, then she got a cucumber out of the fridge and showed me just how to make a guy happy. At first I was kind of embarrassed, I mean, we were licking and sucking on a vegetable for gosh sakes! But she told me all about how to do it, like, if it’s too big, you can use your hand at the bottom and kind of squeeze. By the time she was done I felt like a pro!

So I called up my boyfriend, Tony, and told him I wanted to go out. He said he was doing something with the guys but I told him it was real important and that I had a surprise for him. Well, he didn’t really want to but he came over and picked me up anyway. Of course he seemed a little happier when I told him I wanted to go right to Raven’s Pointe, the place we always go when we want to neck.

We started kissing like usual but I know he could tell that something was up, especially when I reached for his crotch right away. I mean, I’d touched him a little and all, but usually not until we’d been kissing awhile. And never inside his pants. But this time, I just pulled down his zipper and reached inside and all the sudden I had his cock in my hand.

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He was so smooth and soft I couldn’t believe it, but mostly I was totally shocked by how big he was. I mean, I’d felt his bulge and all but it was nothing like holding him in my hand. Plus he was really hard, and I could tell that, so far, he really liked what I was doing! That made me want to do more, so I just bent right over his lap.

Up close his cock was even bigger! There were all these really big veins running up and down, just like Tina had said there would be. I reached out to taste him with my tongue and Tony jerked like he’d been electrocuted when I touched him. That made me giggle a little, but from Tony’s reaction I could tell this was serious business so I got right down to it.

First I tickled his little pee slit with my tongue and, sure enough, there was already a little bit of cum in there. It tasted kind of salty and creamy and I lapped it all up. Then I started licking the top of his big ‘ol head, which was really smooth and silky. I liked the way he tasted, all salty and sexy, so I licked on him like he was one big, tasty ice cream cone.

When I put the whole head of his cock in my mouth, I felt him shudder and I knew I must be doing a good job. So I kind of sucked on the fat tip for a while, using my tongue the way Tina’s told me to. Then I started licking up and down his long shaft, tracing those big veins all the way from the very top of his dick down to the base. He smelled even better down there than I’d thought, kind of rich and thick and man-like. To tell the truth, giving Tony a blowjob was kind of turning me on, too, although I didn’t have much time to worry about that, since I was so busy sucking his fat dick!

I took hold of his hairy balls, which were all soft and warm, and squeezed ‘em a little. Tony kind of groaned, real low in his throat, and I knew he liked it. But he liked it even better when I went back to the top of his cock and started to put it in my mouth. I kind of sucked on the head again and then I opened up really wide and started sliding him into my mouth. Now Tony was really groaning and shoving himself up, he even had his hands in my hair and was trying to push me down farther. But Tina’d told me to take it slow, to tease him a little, so I didn’t take him all the way in my mouth right away. Not like I could have, he was so big!

I got about halfway down and I knew I couldn’t open my mouth any wider so instead I did like Tina said, and wrapped my hand around the base of his shaft. I squeezed and Tony groaned again like he really liked it. I started sucking really hard on the top of his cock then, and at the same time kind of stroking him in and out of my fist. Pretty soon, he was, like, practically fucking my mouth! And you know what? I liked it a lot!

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I could feel my pussy getting all gushy, just from blowing him. (When I got home that night, I had to do myself twice just so I could get to sleep, that’s how sexy it felt!) He was grunting and groaning and pushing himself in and out of my mouth. I held on really tight to the bottom of his cock and squeezed every time he pushed himself into my mouth and pretty soon he was all wet and slick from my spit and he was pumping really hard. I reached down and started playing with his balls again, like Tina’d told me to do and sure enough, in about two more seconds he was cumming in my mouth!

All of a sudden, his balls got really tight and his cock got even bigger in my mouth and then his cum was shooting down my throat. It was kind of hard, but I kept sucking, even harder now, and swallowing, while he just kept squirting it into my mouth. I wondered if all boys had so much cum and if that’s why they needed sex so much, because it felt like a gallon went down my throat!

Then he slowed down and I kept him in my mouth for a minute, like Tina’d said to do, still kind of squeezing on him, till he was all done. I sat up then and just kind of grinned at him and I know I must have looked loopy. But he grinned back and he looked pretty happy that I’d learned how to do blow jobs.

We do it all the time now. Tony’s always acts kind of shocked when we’re hanging out and all of the sudden I decide that I want to blow him, but so far he hasn’t told me no yet! I’m glad, too, because now that I know what it feels like, I don’t ever want to stop!

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Learning To Suck
Published by KT Enterprises
Copyright 2006 Katy Terrega – All Rights Reserved
No Portion Of This Story May Be Reprinted Without The Author’s Permission

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