A sizzling collection of twenty short shorts--tiny tales at or under 1000 words--each story perfect for a quickie read!

But don’t let their brevity fool you– packed tightly into every story is a sexual wallop that’s sure to leave you wet and hard. And if the brain happens to be your largest sex organ, then you’re in luck.

Jamie Joy Gatto’s collection is smart, sassy and diverse. From the sexy self-discovery of her female masturbation tale, “A Different Day” to her fast-paced homo-erotic mystery, “Anticipation,” Jamie Joy keeps you interested by using all the facets and situations of sex and sexual relationships, then combines them with the craft of excellent erotic writing.

Suddenly Sexy delivers!

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Praise for Jamie Joy Gatto:
"Sure, Jamie Joy Gatto is brilliant, her writing sparkles, crackles and sizzles like no other; absolutely her characters are alive, living long in the mind after the book's been closed ... but what's even more remarkable is that she seems to do all these wonders so effortlessly. When I pick up something from Jamie Joy, I know long before I start to read that I'm in for a special treat. Do yourself a favor and buy this book and anything else that features some of her great writing. I can guarantee that when you finish you won't be the same, you'll be better."
M. Christian, Author and Editor of Dirty Words, The Burning Pen, Guilty Pleasures, Rough Stuff, Best SM Erotica, and Eros Ex Machina.

Only $7.99!

More praise for Suddenly Sexy:
"Suddenly Sexy is a fine collection of erotic short fiction. Each delicious offering tantalizes the senses. Highlights include "Player", a story that incorporates sensuality with a good dose of truth men can learn from, and "Summer Storm," a beautifully captured moment of self-love. Other outstanding stories are "Eye of the Beholder," a look at man-to-man passion, and "Maia’s Perfect Hands," an emotionally-charged tale of a woman who doesn't see herself as she really is, and a man too shy to let her know how he feels. With characters and settings as diverse as the sexual persuasions explored, Suddenly Sexy is a collection to be thoroughly enjoyed by lovers of erotic fiction."
Kate Hill, Editor of Anxiety Publications, Author of The Darkness Therein and The Immaculate

About Jamie Joy Gatto:
Jamie Joy Gatto, known for her bisexual activism, sex writing and editing, has had over a hundred short stories, poems, essays and articles published. She is editor-in-chief of the popular adult webzine http://www.mindcaviar.com/. Her fiction has been included in numerous anthologies including Best Bisexual Erotica 1 & 2, Best SM Erotica, Guilty Pleasures, Of The Flesh, The Unmade Bed, Unlimited Desires and dozens of other projects. She is the author of a forthcoming collection Sex Noir (Circlet 2002) and is co-editor with M. Christian and contributor to the anthology Villains and Vixens (Black Books 2002).

Only $7.99!

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