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It's A Dirty Job...Writing Porn for Fun and Profit

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Written for both published and unpublished authors, It's A Dirty Job...The Second Edition has been completely revised and expanded - and includes seven brand new chapters!

Katy's book is filled with anecdotes and helpful advice, whether you're just getting started or looking to expand your professional contacts. It will definitely inspire the creative porn writer in you.

This book is all you need to become a professional writer of porn/erotica.

What critics and readers are saying...

"It's a wonderful read - informative, funny at points, inspiring..."
Shanna Germain - Reveiw editor at Clean Sheets Magazine

"If you're looking for a way to break into the Erotic market, this little e-book is all you really need..."
Lybbe of The Erotic Readers Association

"Your book gave me direction, was wonderful!"
Keeley Lawerence, aspiring porn writer

"I wanted to thank you for putting out such a great publication...Thanks to you, my writing has found its niche once again, I'm making money, and have landed a montly gig with another exciting editor. Thanks for your dedication and hard work, its making a difference.

Only $9.95!

From the Intro...

You'd never know just by looking at me. Keeping my somewhat questionable career choice to myself, I manage to present as a relatively typical work-at-home mom.

Yes, the ancient art of writing does have a long and (mostly) respected history, but the kind of writing that I do tends to be rather disrespected in this polite society. There are many who would even consider it blasphemous in the extreme to include what I do in the same realm as the sacred category of ... Writing.

But that's ok, I am what I am. Porn Writer (as well as Mom) is just one of the many hats that I choose to wear, although I am rather careful about who I tell. Only a select few know what I really do after I kiss my kids goodbye at the classroom door. And even they don't know (and probably don't want to know) the details - that I trot on home each morning to a computer with file names like 'Lesbian Tendencies' and 'How To Introduce Your Lover To The Joys of Kinkier Sex.' Some might question how one can be a mom and a feminist and a literate woman and still write mainstream porn. The truth is, I actually enjoy the challenge of creating sensitive, caring characters within this generally exploitative genre. I look at it as almost a community service. Yes, it may be a dirty job but who else is going to spread the word? Sometimes I even go so far as to consider it my calling.
And as callings go, it's really not all that farfetched. Write what you know, say all the experts. Well, gosh, I know how to have sex, I know how to fantasize and I know how to write. Voila! Career choice option number one, please! And as a career choice, you sure can't beat this one for pure fun.

Think about it. How hard is it to imagine your wildest fantasy, embellish it a little or a lot, write it down and get paid for it? How hard is it to peruse lingerie sites on your home computer in the middle of the afternoon? And how hard is it, really, to try out that taboo little sex act, the one you've always been curious about, all in the name of research?

Fact is, writing porn is fun! It's also one of the easier markets to crack and make money at while you're still honing your skills. "It's A Dirty Job..." is one of the only resources that can teach you everything you need to know to create your stories and target your markets.

It will inspire you to follow your own visions, make money and, most of all, have a good time doing it. Just check your inhibitions at the door and the rest is easy!

Only $9.95!

Chapter Headings

Can You Write Porn?
Following Your Conscience
Tools of the Trade
Taking Care of Business
Choosing Your Pseudonym
Doing Your Homework
The Magazine Formats: Letters, Stories, Non-Fiction
Some Additional Markets
Manuscript and Query Basics
Staying Focused
New! Who, me? Write?
New! The Basic How-To
But It's All Been Done Before!
The Real Secret Behind Good Ideas
New! Letter Basics
New! Anatomy of a Three Thousand Word Story
New! The Non-Fiction Article
Working With Editors
Never, Ever Give Up
Now Go For It!
Paying Porn Markets
Non-Paying Markets
Writer's Guidelines
New! Categorized Book and Magazine Listings
About Katy Terrega

Only $9.95!