Short Story Contest Winner
Fall, 2000

March Madness

By Cassandra Arwen

She scowled at the tv - another damn basketball game! Don’t get her wrong...she loved college fact, she grew up in a house where March Madness took precedence over just about anything. But right now her mind was on anything but the game being played on tv. It was only the first round for Christ’s sake! Who cared if St. Bonaventure or Kentucky won?

Alright, so, she was horny, and he was glued to the tv set right now. She was just going to have to either sit there and deal, or take matters (among other things she thought) into her own hands. Being that she never really learned the meaning of "Go with the flow"; there was no way she was going to just sit there and deal.

He was watching the game, not that he really gave a shit about this particular outcome. But he knew it would get a rise out of her so he ignored the hints she had dropped about other activities she was more interested in. He tried not to turn his head to see her pouting on the other side of the couch...and he tried to keep a straight face...but it wasn’t easy - not only because the game couldn’t really distract him, but because he knew her so well and knew this would be her reaction.

More than anything, he was really curious as to what she would do... he could almost hear the wheels turning frantically in her head. She never really was one to accept the fact that she couldn’t get what she wanted somehow. If she didn’t get it, she didn’t try hard enough (in her own mind) - so he was sure he was in for some sort of treat.

What would be different? What could catch his attention? What if he’s doing this to piss me off on purpose? All kinds of things ran through her head. She glared at him across the couch...his dark eyes were staring at the tv, he was leaning his body forward slightly, seemingly interested in the happenings...he reminded her of a cat ready to pounce. His muscles were visible through the clothing he wore, and she licked her lips and felt heat flow through her body as her eyes went to his hands and imagined him running them over her body.

She could almost feel him caressing her through her thin cotton top. The vision of his lips on her neck made her shudder, and all the sudden she started breathing harder just thinking about him. She didn’t realize it, but she had reached up and started to touch her breasts unconsciously... teasing her nipples through the thin fabric.

He felt her eyes on him, then heard her breathing change. He looked out of the corner of his eye to see her hands go up to her breasts as she stared at him. Her fingers twisted and pulled at her nipples through the fabric, and her eyes were half closed as she touched herself. She saw him react to her… it was a difference in his posture, a tension that ran through his body, and he was definitely aroused. Smiling, certain that he would watch anything she wanted to do next, she stood up and walked into her bedroom.

Confused at her leaving, but content to stay and see what would happen, he sat on the couch and waited. She came back into view shortly, and sat, naked, on the edge of her bed and keeping the door to the living room open. He watched as she started to rub her breasts and tease her nipples again, this time without the restriction of clothing. She held them up and pushed them close to her face, her tongue even darting out to lick one from time to time. Her legs were spread and her glistening pussy was exposed to him.

He didn’t even pretend he wasn’t watching her anymore. His eyes were glued to her hands as they ran over her stomach and began to glide over her outer lips. His mouth watered as he watched her spread her lips with her fingers and rub her clit. Her fingers flew back and forth and around and her hips started to press forward into her hand as she masturbated for him. Then he watched as one finger disappeared, then another, her thumb still working against her clit as she fucked herself slowly with her fingers. Then, abruptly, she stopped… pulling her fingers out of herself and grabbing something next to her.

He could see in her hands was a bright pink dildo, with a round bulby head on top that suddenly disappeared into her mouth as she lubricated her toy. He watched her give the most fascinating blow job to this toy, as she moved it in and out of her mouth, across her lips, over her tits, back to her mouth, up and down, licking and sucking and flicking it with her tongue. Her head moved side to side over the plastic, keeping it well moistened, and then she dragged it down her body, over her nipples, right down to her pussy.

He had moved to the doorway of the bedroom now, and was just standing there watching her. She was somewhat aware of his presence, but her eyes were closed and she was just enjoying herself now… taking a deep breath as the dildo paused right before her pussy lips, she lifted her hips and guided it in, moaning and shuddering at the sheer satisfaction this simple toy provided her.

He saw her moan and shudder as she guided her dildo into her wet, pink pussy. Her hands started to move her toy in and out… her hips up, exposed, and facing him… her juices evident as they ran down her ass. She was breathing so hard now, panting and increasing her pace. Her other hand was twisting at her nipple, and her head started rocking from side to side…

He couldn’t help himself. His pants were down around his ankles and he held his cock in his hands as he watched her. He found he was stroking himself at the pace she had set with her toy, thrusting his hips into his hand as she thrust the dildo deeper into her. She turned her head in his direction and through slitted eyelids caught the sight of him stroking himself… and that only aroused her more. She moaned and licked her lips, and looked at him and smiled. His breath caught in his throat as she smiled at him… pushing her dildo deeper into her. What a devilish smile! Beguiling him with her eyes and lips and seducing him with her motions, he moved close to her.

He knelt down beside her and gave her a deep, passionate kiss, touching her nowhere except on her lips with his own, and he felt her shiver again.

"That’s it sweetheart, keep fucking yourself! Mmmm… you look good enough to eat!" he whispered to her. She whimpered and cried, now writhing on the bed as she continued to fuck herself harder and deeper.

"Rub your clit for me baby… that’s it. And fuck yourself harder now… let me see those juices flow from your pretty pink pussy." She was shaking now at the sound of his voice… following his commands without thinking, feeling herself give in to the sensations that were building in her body. She could hear between his words that he was breathing harder – as he had increased the pressure and pace at which he was stroking his cock.

"There you go baby… that’s it… cum for me now… you can do it." he gently prodded her. It was the gentleness of his voice juxtaposed in the eroticism of his commands that sent her reeling. Sweat was dripping off of her body and she started to shake, pressing the dildo harder and farther into her she all the sudden felt her muscles clench around it as an orgasm raked through her. Her moans echoed in the bedroom and pierced his ears… he saw her lift her hips and give the dildo one last shove before her body froze in it’s motions as she shivered and came.

He gripped himself harder as he heard her cum… watching her abandon herself to her own motions and movements was more erotic than he could have dreamed. She was still breathing hard as she lay on the bed. Her eyes slowly opened as her orgasm abated and she looked at him, kneeling by the side of the bed stroking himself. He followed her gaze to his cock and saw her lick her lips. Just watching him made her want to suck him and taste him!

"Well, now my pussy has been fucked properly… but why don’t you come up here and fuck my tits and mouth so we don’t leave anything out and I can taste you?" she said huskily… holding her breasts between her hands in an offering.

He didn’t need to be asked again, the arousing thought driving him so much he didn’t even think about what he was doing, he just stood up and pressed his weight down on her. Kissing her hard and biting her lips he greeted her, he then pushed up on his arms and slowly moved his hips up to slide his cock between her big, firm breasts. The soft skin enfolded him as he could see his cock slide up and down between her mounds. She lifted her head and darted her tongue out, licking the tip of his cock as he slid up and down her body. He paused at the top a little bit and she started to suck the tip of him… wrapping her lips around his hot flesh before he pulled back and started to fuck her breasts some more.

The sight was driving him crazy… his cock pushing through her breasts, meeting her outstretched tongue that was waiting for him at the end of it’s frenzied journey. He moved faster, watching her grip and knead her tits in her hands as his cock slid through. Baby soft skin was wrapped around him as he glided through then into a luxuriously wet and hot mouth, welcoming him when he entered. His hips moved back through her breasts, she gripped them now so her erect nipples pushed against his sensitive cock, and then forward again… past soft skin and erect nipples once again.

He then pushed forward more.. shoving himself into her mouth, pushing back until he hit the base of her throat. She moaned as she tasted him, telling him she enjoyed him and wanted more. His sweat poured off of his body and dripped onto her, providing a slicker surface for him to glide over as he pulled his hips back and again shoved himself through her tits into her mouth. He was beginning to go crazy, watching her lips wrap around him in the end, feeling her sucking on his sensitive cock. He wanted to finish both ways… in her mouth and on her tits… and his breathing became harder and he started to move faster. Sensing his need she lifted her head up higher… allowing him more ease to push past her tits and into her mouth.

Feeling himself getting ready to cum, he grabbed her head and shoved through her breasts for the last time, just in time to watch the head of his cock hit her lips just as his white, hot liquid spurted out onto her tongue and shot into her mouth. She sucked him into her mouth and swallowed what he gave her, then watched as he pulled out and dribbled all over her breasts and chin and lips before finishing the last in her mouth again. She licked her lips and swallowed all of what he gave her… rubbing the rest into her skin as he held himself posed above her. She then looked up and met his eyes and smiled… knowing he loved when she got her way too!

Cassandra now lives in Atlanta, GA. Writing porn (as well as other genres) is her hobby and luckily she's still writing stories even after starting law school.

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